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Living Well on Minimum Wage Challenge

Some of you know that my sister and I bet quite a bit. One of the bets ended up with me trying to eat well on less than $1 a day. It was a rather humorous look at my terrible … Continue reading

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Not Every Problem Needs A Store Bought Solution

The retail sector and the media love to sell us “stuff” to solve our every problem. They even try to manufacture “problems” just so they can sell us stuff. (I tend to think the no-touch hand wash system falls into … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Many of us would love to have some extra money for the holidays, whether that money is going toward vacations or presents. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra money for … Continue reading

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10 Tips For Building A Christmas Decor Collection On A Budget

When we were first married and broke, I remember one of my mothers’ friends gave us Christmas ornaments for a wedding present. She said, “It’s the one thing no one thinks to give you when you’re just starting out, but … Continue reading

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Overcoming Financial Procrastination

Most people know that they need to actively manage their money. That means reconciling statements, reviewing investment choices, paying bills or making sure that auto-payments are happening, periodically checking for deals or better plan options on services, and learning about … Continue reading

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10 Places I Find Coupons In The Grocery Store

I reluctantly became a grocery shopping coupon “expert” a few years ago when I made a bet with my sister and told her that I I thought I could eat well only spending $1 a day for food. I managed … Continue reading

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