Controlling Worry


We all worry about our finances to some degree. Even if everything seems to be going great in your financial world, uncertainties over world events, “fiscal cliffs,” and issues like healthcare and retirement can make you worry. If you have other stressors like an uncertain job or no emergency fund, your worry meter can go off the charts. While some worrying can be productive and lead you to be cautious, too much worrying is bad for you. It can make you sick, not to mention unhappy and stressed. If you find yourself worrying about your money (or anything else excessively), you need to find ways to get it under control. Here are some ideas.

Make A Plan and Take Action

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3 Responses to Controlling Worry

  1. I worry much more than I should. I try things like exercise and making a plan to stay busy and not worry as much.

  2. I don’t have a journal, but know a few people that find writing down worries really therapeutic. I like to hash things out with a friend or the bf. Usually they can talk some sense into me.

  3. Whenever I start worrying too much I tell myself that most of the things I worry about never happen. Totally agree about getting more exercise, fresh air, and a change of scene. Getting enough sleep makes a huge difference! All of those things help you think more clearly so you can make an effective action plan!

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