Determining Value

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Recently I was invited to a lunch at a very pricey, exclusive restaurant in town. I accepted because it was a professional thing and I felt like the contacts I would make would justify the price tag. I was right, to an extent. I did meet a lot of people that will probably be helpful to me at some point. When I got home and thought about it, though, I realized that the restaurant itself had no value for me. In other words, I’ll likely never darken their door again unless I’m invited to a similar function.

The food was good, but not great. Certainly not great enough to justify the price tag. There was no discernible difference between their food and beverages (which set me back ab


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3 Responses to Determining Value

  1. For some people dinners like that are worth the cost. For me they’re usually not. I’m too picky about my food, and don’t really appreciate “fancy” food (or the cost associated with buying and eating fancy foods). I like good service, but I expect I’ll get good service as middle of the road restaurants, so getting treated very well at expensive restaurants isn’t worth the price differential for me. But I probably spend in other ways that other people wouldn’t. To each his own.

  2. I find little value in pricey dinners and establishments. Most of the time I find them to be lacking in taste and quantity. My wife and I have the ability to create awesome dishes in our home. the only time I go out is when I want to spend the time conversing with my wife and not worrying about eating, but I don’t spend much on those meals. That is the value to me.

  3. Minny says:

    An interesting lesson many never learn – money can only be spent once. Tightwas Gazette Amy’s view of money is to hold back on spending on things you are not bothered about to leave you the money to do what you do want to do.

    This is what we do. I have had people comment on the nice things we manage to do and they assume we are loaded which we are not. The last time this happened I told the person, we didn’t spend money on big holidays, this particular year in India, we rarely eat out or go to the theatre. Her spend on all of these things cost her way more than we spend on the luxuries she was commenting on.

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