Not Every Problem Needs A Store Bought Solution

store bought

The retail sector and the media love to sell us “stuff” to solve our every problem. They even try to manufacture “problems” just so they can sell us stuff. (I tend to think the no-touch hand wash system falls into this category. It dispenses soap without you having to touch the dispenser so you don’t get germs on your hands. But if you’re getting soap to wash your hands, what difference does it make? Your hands are going to be clean after you wash them, so does it really matter if the dispenser is pristine or not? You won’t touch it once your hands are clean.)

The financially successful person realizes that many of these problems and their solutions


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3 Responses to Not Every Problem Needs A Store Bought Solution

  1. My wife just joined a local barter group on Facebook, and we’re all about free. I think the toughest one on the list is “make do without”. We’ve done this with cable, a clothing budget, and a few other things, and it’s been great. It’s tough at first, but soon, you won’t miss it at all!

  2. jay says:

    “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Do without…”

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