10 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas

Christmas Money

Christmas is just around the corner. Many of us would love to have some extra money for the holidays, whether that money is going toward vacations or presents. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra money for the holidays.

Amazon Trade-Ins

For instance, did you know that Amazon has a trade-in program? The program allows you to trade in old books, DVDs, and other items in exchange for Amazon gift cards. While you won’t receive cash for your items, gift cards will certainly come in handy if you need to buy any presents on Amazon. Of course, there are certain eligibility requirements for traded items, so make sure you read their terms and conditions before trading anyt


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8 Responses to 10 Ways To Earn Extra Money For Christmas

  1. Gloria says:

    Good idea about the Amazon trade in. Thanks

  2. I have used the Amazon trade-in before. It is nice especially if you want to get something new from Amazon. I also freelance on the side to some extra cash when I need it. These are great tips.

  3. Chris says:

    This is a good article actually. I did not know about the Amazon Trade-Ins.

  4. Excellent list! The mystery shopping company that I have found that works well is BestMark. They email out shops everyday.

  5. My wife and I would love to have a garage sale and have a ton of stuff to sell when we finally get around to it. Unfortunately we are about to get 2-8 inches of snow this weekend and I don’t think many people like shopping in snow and under-30 degree weather 😉

  6. The Grappler says:

    Great thought starters!

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  8. Ryderr says:

    Not a bad list, I definitely would not recommend paid surveys.. what a waste of time.

    Right now I’m making money through a number of different sources one in particular you can do from your smart phone almost anywhere. Click on my name and see the review.

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