10 Tips For Building A Christmas Decor Collection On A Budget

Christmas dining table

When we were first married and broke, I remember one of my mothers’ friends gave us Christmas ornaments for a wedding present. She said, “It’s the one thing no one thinks to give you when you’re just starting out, but it’s something you’ll really want and won’t have any money to buy for yourself.” Given that we were married well before December, I didn’t think much of it. Until it came time to decorate our puny apartment and Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree. Then I was grateful for her gesture. She was right. We were broke and Christmas ornaments were not in the budget. Those Christmas ornaments turned out to be one of the best wedding


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6 Responses to 10 Tips For Building A Christmas Decor Collection On A Budget

  1. Nice tips. I only purchase Christmas decorations when they are off-season or right after the holiday’s when the stores need to get rid of the inventory.

  2. All of your suggestions are excellent, especially the wedding gift idea. I love buying just a few unique pieces each year and slowly building a collection. As well the dollar store is great to go to before or after Christmas for all of your decorating and gift wrapping stuff.

  3. I think going after Christmas to buy decorations is the biggest way you can save money. You still get brand new decorations, bu they are 50% off (or sometimes up to 90% off!). We’ve done this the past three years and pretty much all our decorations were purchased for at least 50% off.

  4. Diane says:

    Buying after the holidays is definitely a cheap way to go. And check out sales flyers… Home Depot already has decorations reduced by 30% starting today (Dec.6).

    If your parents are big on decorating, ask them for older things they don’t use anymore. I have enough extra ornaments saved to do 2 more trees, which my sons are welcome to take.

    I love the idea of giving Christmas ornaments for wedding gifts. I will definitely make use of that one~

    One more suggestion is that when you have kids of your own, buy each of them an ornament as a stocking stuffer each year. Make it something in line with their current interests. By the time they leave home they’ll have a box full of ornaments & it will reflect their history. I’ve done this for my sons and they love it!

  5. We rock all these things. Also, we check or sales after Halloween, because many stores put out old inventory before the “Christmas season” officially arrives.

  6. stephanie says:

    You are absolutely right. The handmade decorations can sometimes be even nicer than the ones offered by various stores and markets. I will definitely add some handmade decorations to the ones I have collected over the last years.

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