10 Ways To Save Money On Ski Equipment

ski equipment

Do you enjoy skiing? Maybe it’s one of your favorite pastimes or maybe it’s something you only indulge in occasionally. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to ski but were worried about how expensive equipment and lessons could be so opted for less expensive winter fun. There are always ways to save money on ski equipment.

Rent Equipment

For instance, if you’re someone who is just starting out – or even someone who skis once or twice a season – why not rent equipment? There’s no point in buying equipment if you’re not going to use it all the time or if you think you might grow bored with skiing. Renting will save you some money until y


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9 Responses to 10 Ways To Save Money On Ski Equipment

  1. sherrie says:

    Thank you for this article. Last month I swapped a great pair of ski shoes on that site you mentioned. Currently I am trying to trade for a winter vacation home in Canada!

  2. I’m not a skier myself, but my sister is. She recently bought her kids skis at a second hand store. She traded in some old equipment and got a pretty good discount on the things she needed/wanted for my nephews. Sporting goods can be expensive, it’s good to know there are ways to save.

  3. Mary Kaplan says:

    Skiing is an expensive sport. We live in California, and Costco offered discount lift tickets to China Peak and Mammoth. We took advantage of both and saved a fair amount. We often hand our kids’ stuff down to other families we know with younger kids. Winter coats and ski pants can also be handed down. Good post.

  4. These are some good tips. I snowboard but haven’t gone for three years, mainly because lift tickets are so much. I’d rather really get into it and purchase a season pass than go two or three times and still spend $100+. My wife does not have any equipment so I would love to get her some so that we can go together, but it’s just not in the budget right now.

  5. Marie at FamilyMoneyValues says:

    Growing up, skiing was a rich person’s sport for us. I didn’t ski for the first time until over 50! Then only on the bunny slope.
    Sounds like you have lots of good ideas for those who can afford it though.

  6. Great ideas! Skiing can already be so expensive, but if a person only goes occasionally it is much wiser to rent equipment. I took lessons about 12 years ago and then only went skiing about 4 or 5 times after that. Some times I rented skies when I got to the ski hill, but other times I rented my equipment at a shop here in town and took it with me. Saved me waiting in any lines at the hill.

  7. Lena @ WhatMommyDoes says:

    I never realized how expensive a hobby skiing was until I went with a friend not long ago. My friend purchased a pair of skis several years ago and has only used them a few times since then. If/when my kids get into skiing, I like the idea of swapping equipment as they get older. I might be convinced to buy skis once, but not multiple sizes as they grow!

  8. I normally ask for what I want for christmas. I live behind a ski hill.

  9. She's So Savvy says:

    I like the buy clearance option! Especially at this time of year!

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