Save Money: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go To College

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By Mitchell Pauly

The notion that going to a “good” college is a ticket to a brighter future should be taken on a case by case basis, but this isn’t what American society would have you believe. I want you to think about this example, which is all too common: an extremely high academically performing high school senior goes to talk to a guidance counselor, who promptly trumpets that the Ivy League is the only place for her. Her history suggests nothing less than extraordinary achievement; will not going to an Ivy League school change this trend? The question is not if she will fail by not going to an Ivy League, but whether her trend of success will come to an end. Probabl


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2 Responses to Save Money: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go To College

  1. My Wealth Desire says:

    For me it depends on the student or individual capabilities, there no such thing as assurance that if you go to the Ivy League he/she will be successful or earn higher than others. Most of the wealthy people become financially successful because of the action he applied to reach his/her goal.

  2. EEinNJ says:

    In my past experience working for a major healthcare products company, it DOES matter what school you went to. The Ivy league grads went to the front office and more managerial jobs, even as new hires. If you went to a state school, you’d be a staffer in an operations type job. Longer term, having a master’s degree, especially an MBA from a name-brand school like Wharton, was an advantage in getting a promotion. In a large corporation that can attract top talent, your educational pedigree is a way to differentiate yourself.

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