Don’t Chase The Cult Of The New

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On one of the board gaming forums I frequent the term, “Cult of the new” is frequently tossed about by posters. What they’re referring to are all the new games that come out each year. They’re new, hot, and hyped to the max. People pay exorbitant amounts of money to get their hands on the limited first printing, or buy the games before other people have even played and reviewed them. This is called, “Chasing the cult of the new.” What often happens, though, is that six months later people have actually played those games and found them lacking. Six months down the road those games that people paid hundreds of dollars for can be found for a fraction of tha


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One Response to Don’t Chase The Cult Of The New

  1. Snarkfinance says:

    Agreed. The utility of an item often times takes a long while to expire.

    Being with “that new-new” is a great way to end up looking like your living large when in fact you are as poor as most rappers pretend they aren’t. Seriously, those dudes are usually pretty broke.

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