Why Did You Shop Black Friday?

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While it’s estimated that some 147 million people will participate in Black Friday, this is not the only choice that people had on how to celebrate. The day after Thanksgiving is also Buy Nothing Day, the biggest no spend day of them all. If you decided to shop on Black Friday, you made a conscious decision to do so because there are a lot of reasons to avoid Black Friday if you think about it. Understanding exactly why you decided to shop is important to better understand how you make financial decisions and why your finances are in their current state. So, why did you shop Black Friday? Here are a few of the possible reasons that you may have done so:

Great Deals

You may have decide


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3 Responses to Why Did You Shop Black Friday?

  1. bben says:

    There is nothing I want that I can’t get just as cheaply at other times. The insanely discounted stuff is usually in very limited quantity. (and something I don’t really need even at those prices) The other stuff is often no more discounted than the weekly sales. I did not participate in the Black Friday madness at all. Instead, I spent Thursday evening with family. Then all day Friday visiting – and being visited by friends. I did OD on turkey dressing and Banana pudding.

    I may participate in cyber Monday though. It depends on what they are advertising that I am planning to buy anyway.

  2. Tony says:

    It is all about following the crowd, the social experience and the like. We all do a lot more than we think because others are doing it and not for any rational reason.

  3. Gailete says:

    I didn’t buy a thing on Friday and not because I was doing a no buy day. We just don’t go in for expensive, elaborate Christmas presents. There is nothing I want that is worth dealing with those crowds of out of control people. Once I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but only because I forgot what crowds would be there and I needed to get some stuff and I had the day off. Huge mistake. Never again!

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