In Praise Of The Cafeteria


One of my favorite restaurants in town isn’t the swanky chain restaurant, the fine dining establishment, or the fast food place. It’s the simple cafeteria. You know the drill: You push your tray down the line past the steam tables laden with everything from salad to dessert. Many people think that the cafeteria isn’t good, that it’s boring (no bar or ESPN on twenty screens), that it’s like a school cafeteria, or that it’s only for the older folks. Not true. I find that the cafeteria is a very frugal choice for a meal out and I make it a point to find a cafeteria when we travel. So what’s great about the cafeteria?

It’s Inexpensive

For not much


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2 Responses to In Praise Of The Cafeteria

  1. OfeliaTConejo says:

    Once long ago there was a chain called Piccadilly Cafeteria. I ate there with my family many times. My favorite plate consisted of fried chicken, white meat, broccoli and mashed potatoes. The chain of cafeterias closed years ago, but I can still taste that delicious fried chicken. Oh, how I wish I could have one of those meals again.

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    We have a surprisingly good cafeteria at our local hospital. You hear bad things about hospital food all the time, but it’s not true here. Another really good cafeteria is at the Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle. Their fish and chips are particularly good and the cost of the meal was pretty inexpensive.

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