Free Turkey: 12 Ways To Get One For Thanksgiving

cooked turkey

I recently received an email asking me if I could give some pointers on how to get a free turkey for Thanksgiving since I’d managed to buy and cook a full Thanksgiving meal for six people for under one dollar (this is what it looked like). One of the biggest obstacles that I faced with the challenge was how I was going to obtain a free turkey. I had to sit down and brainstorm a number of different options, and hope that one of them worked out (luckily, one of them did). The fact that I actually spent quite a bit of time considering possible options kind of makes me as close to an expert as they come. For those who are looking for a way to get a free turkey this Thanksgiving, here are


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9 Responses to Free Turkey: 12 Ways To Get One For Thanksgiving

  1. Rory says:

    Thank you for posting the information about the turkeys. We have already picked up two turkeys, each at under $6.00 per each. We will use the turkeys for Thanksgiving, and then utilize the leftovers for sandwiches.

  2. SeanIsPissed says:

    Right, so you go to a food bank and get a “free” turkey? The food at food banks are for people who are needy, not people are cheap. With the downturn in the economy, food banks all over the country are routinely running short on donated food, and you advise cheapskates to go scam food donated by good people to help those less fortunate. What an asshole you are!

  3. jeffrey says:

    If you taken the time to read the paragraph above the food bank in italics, you would have seen I said that for those people that don’t have the means to get a turkey, that the following five options were acceptable. While I knew that most the the regular readers would be focused on the first 7, I also know that there might be some people who were down on their luck that might make their way to this article, and wanted them to know their options as well.

  4. Gailete says:

    Last year one of our local churches gave away a bunch of turkeys to anyone who showed up–income didn’t matter. The also do free car washes and other things like that. Another church just went around their neighborhood giving out free replacement batteries for smoke detectors. The last two aren’t about free turkeys but thoughts for other things you may see or want to participate in.

  5. redheadjennieo says:

    Churches are a wonderful place to get a turkey for families in need! I don’t belong to a church but last week I had a church near by; call me! They asked how many people lived in my household so they could put the right amount of food (including a turkey) together for my family! I asked what made them choose my family and they said my kids school! The church called the schools asking for any family in need of a basket with food to make a whole thanksgiving dinner! I am unemployed raising four children and I am very low income, I survive on coupons and am so grateful for this church for doing this! I pick up my wonderful donated basket Monday!

  6. Becca says:

    I was looking for this exact information. We have fallen onto hard times and I recently “shopped” at my local food pantry to help fill the gap. I was impressed. I asked our family if they think its crazy to try and make a totally free thanksgiving dinner. They are into it but don’t want to sacrifice a full meal. I have everything figured out except for the cranberries and the turkey. I’m still a little concerned about the turkey. I envision showing up at the pantry on Wednesday and getting some huge frozen turkey. That would not work. My favorite of your solutions was that car test drive for a turkey – I’m currently in the market for a car, so I could “kill two birds” so to speak. Thanks for the tips

  7. Ellen Medina says:

    You have some good ideas. I ran low on money every month this year. So for this Thanksgiving I am one of those people who is in need of help with a Turkey. Being disable makes it even harder, but I won’t give up til I have to. Thanks again

  8. Lisa Clayton says:

    My family is going through extreme financial problems that will be worked out sometime early next year, but there are few provisions for us because we always had just enough money for everything, and due to a divorce, we can’t make ends meet at all. I went to my local food bank and because I didn’t qualify for food stamps for welfare (by $50 a month) I was not allowed services from the food bank. I do not belong to a local church. I figured we’d just cook what we have for the rest of the year and when times get better we can have a “Thanksgiving and Christmas” dinner.

  9. Jaz says:

    1. hold a sign saying you need a turkey for thanks giving while you and your children is on a corner begging for change

    2. stand at a grocery store with your kids begging for food

    3. stand in line for the free turkey give way in your home town

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