12 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

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People spend a fortune trying to “improve” the air quality in their homes. They buy fabric sprays, air fresheners, candles, special vacuum cleaners, and expensive purification machines. Unfortunately, most of the candles, plug-ins, and sprays just make things worse. They don’t eliminate odors; they simply mask them. As for the expensive machines, many don’t work and those that do are usually only required for people with allergies so severe that the slightest bit of allergen can make them sick.

For the rest of us, there are plenty of free and low cost things we can do to improve the air in our homes. Here are twelve ideas to get you started.

Open The Windows

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2 Responses to 12 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

  1. Matt Ringer says:

    Healthier indoor air is paramount for a family’s good health, particularly for those who are susceptible to breathing ailments, along with children, infants and seniors. Numerous government-funded studies have indicated that the air we breathe in our homes, and office is frequently more polluted than outdoor air. In fact, indoor air is sometimes a cause of greater health problems than the contaminated air we encounter outside. This could be the result of an imbalance between the healthy anions and undesirable positive cations found in all home environments.

  2. Gailete says:

    I have never understood the ‘need’ for room deodorants, frangrance sprays, etc. Maybe cuz I’m allergic to them, but I can’t stand the smell of them. You house air will be fresher without them. Keep your house clean with frangrance free products. Cook yummy smelling foods if you want odors in your house. Nothing beats the smell of baking bread or brownies, spaghetti sauce, or even frying onions (IMHO), etc. I see all these commercials for all these usless products, being used in these pristine homes and wonder about why anyone would want to live that way. It is as bad as some women that pollute the air around them by wearing way too much perfume. I used to work in a place where the minute a certain worker walked in, I could smell her 20 feet away. I don’t know how anyone could stand being next to her. If you want better air in your house, don’t use any commercial products to change the smell as it doesn’t clean the air at all, just pollutes it more and is awful for those of us with allergies.

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