10 Ways To Prevent and Reduce Food Waste

food waste

Everyone would like to save money on food if it means they can still get the same quality for a better price. One are where most people can save on their food bill is to reduce the amount of food they waste. Americans through out as much as 40% of their food according to a recent study.

Almost all of us have experienced some form of food waste in our homes. Sometimes it’s food that goes bad before we get around to eating it, and sometimes it’s leftovers that spoil because we don’t actually want to eat it. However, everyone can take measures to prevent or reduce food waste.

Organize Your Refrigerator

One of the easiest methods is to organize your refrigerator. Having it pac


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5 Responses to 10 Ways To Prevent and Reduce Food Waste

  1. Pam says:

    These are some great tips. You can also purchase items on sale or in bulk. There are even great coupons for restaurants. So many easy ways to save money.

  2. jay says:

    Excellent points

  3. Gailete says:

    Tips that in some way or form I’ve tried to practice most of my adult life. My problem at this time in my life is buying the food with full intentions of using it and then due to chronic health problems can’t hardly get into the kitchen to make up the food sometimes for over a week at a time and so it goes bad, salad items especially. Frustrating, but if I don’t buy them then there is no chance at all for eating ‘right’.

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  5. mariposaman says:

    Good points. When I took out my late mother for dinner, we ordered the special on many occasions, with an extra plate and an extra soup or salad, and our own beverage. Not so much for the money, although it saved that somewhat, but it saved taking two lots of leftovers home.

    I am cooking for one, and I buy in bulk, cook it all at once, and portion it out and freeze, or tray freeze. As I am also in the position of having days when my health makes it difficult to cook, so I have a supply of cooked meals and makings ready. I have also found dairy products like milk, cheese, some kinds of yogurt (not all) freeze well. Some do not. I make a large pot of stew or chili, eat some and freeze the rest in individual containers. I do that with spaghetti too, cook a whole box and add a couple of jars of sauce, eat some and freeze in indivdual containers. Vegetables, roasts, turkey and chicken get the same treatment. Cooking multiple portions at once saves both time and money, and get better food. I also dry some food like banana into banana chips. I can get bananas on sale, eat some fresh and dry the rest for snacks later, and they taste better than the store bought ones, sweeter and fresher.

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