Save Money And Time: Backup Your Computer Hard Drive

broken computer hard drive

Yet another one of my friends had a computer hard drive fail recently. And, of course, she didn’t have her data backed up. A very expensive service (upwards of $1,000) was ultimately able to recover about sixty percent of her photos and other work, but much of it is simply gone. This happens often. Hard drives are subject to age, damage, and malfunction, just like any other electronic product so it pays to upkeep your computer (which can help you make your computer last for years). Yet people keep believing, “It won’t happen to me.” With everything on the computer now, including many people’s financial records, statements, tax returns, scans of things like marr


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2 Responses to Save Money And Time: Backup Your Computer Hard Drive

  1. Elizara says:

    I hate to say it, but if you even THINK your hdd is going to fail (it’s making noise) back up immediately.

    Get a usb hdd and back it up, and use a cloud service (like Dropbox) to do a backup of the backup for the really important things. Saves you a pain bringing your pc back to normal.

  2. jay says:

    Agree! One thing have learned about Dropbox is that it sometimes doesn’t upload files correctly. Not being very computer savvy, the best I understand is that certain programs use their “own” file format which Dropbox can’t read correctly (an example: Mariner’s Paperless). Backing up a zipped version is OK, but that has to be done manually.

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