You Should Have Always Been Spending As You Are In This Economy

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For seemingly the millionth time in the last few years, I heard someone say, “Well, in this economy I’ve got to watch every penny.” I’ve heard so many variants on this thought these past few years. “In this economy, we have to cut our food budget.” “In this economy, I just can’t afford to eat out.” “In this economy, I just don’t have money to waste.” “With the economy the way it is, I’ve got to slash my bills and drop some services.” At first all the, “In this economy” talk didn’t bug me. But the more I’ve heard it and thought about it, I find myself growing more and more annoye


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5 Responses to You Should Have Always Been Spending As You Are In This Economy

  1. Excellent article!

  2. Sheryl says:

    This was the best article I’ve read lately on handling one’s money. Excellent. Hit the nail on the head on this one. Never thought about this before – but you are so right. All the moaning and groaning that goes on everyday from so many people about ‘the economy’ and how they can’t afford to do the things they used to do. Keep up the good work.

  3. Minny says:

    I used to teach people to speak English and taught two senior Chinese police officers, both were/are forensic scientists and very interesting and bright.

    Thay asked me about debt and how credit cards work. I explained and there was a moment of silence, then one said – so people are spending future money’.

    Never heard it put better. People felt wealthy, the governments of both our countries told us we were wealthy and so we acted wealthy and spent money we hadn’t yet earned!

  4. Gailete says:

    I find that I hear this comment a lot in the seller forum where we have our on-line store. “I don’t undertand why my stuff isn’t selling, I have the prices really low because of the economy?” or “my stuff isn’t selling. I know it is the economy”. What the truth is, you need to be pricing items for sale on what will give you a profit as there is no sense putting all sorts of time and effort into setting up a store and then selling everything for chump change (making less than a $1 per sale) because you want to help out people in this bad economy. Their stuff isn’t selling because they ignore the advice of seasoned sellers that tell them they have done wrong everything possible in their store.

    It is much easier to blame the ‘economy’ than to hunker down and figure out how to be a good seller. Same with personal finances. You have to learn to spend your money wisely and take advantage of the deals this economy brings to you, such as really low interest rates if you have been saving for a house, this is agood time to buy.

  5. This is a great blog post and you’re right, the most successful people are always looking at their expenses and working on being prepared for any eventuality. They are willing to “sacrifice” during the good times so that the “bad” times don’t effect them in the way that it does for people haven’t prepared. Thanks for the post!

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