Rafflecopter Cash Giveaway Project

The Rafflecopter Cash Giveaway Project is a free, ongoing, bi-monthly giveaway that is open to all personal finance and money bloggers. Each giveaway has a different personal finance theme. The goal of the giveaway is to encourage blog readers to find ways to improve their finances to help them reach their financial goal as quickly as possible while also giving them a chance to win a bit of money.


There is no cost involved. Giveaway prizes are provided by SavingAdvice and/or sponsors.

How It Works

As a blogger, you will write a post on the theme for that particular giveaway and post it on your blog on the designated day with the rafflecopter code for the contest. As a participant, you can choose one of your social media accounts (RSS, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc) for people to join as an entry into the giveaway.

Since there are a number of different blogs which will be hosting as part of this giveaway project, it’s an easy and effective way for you to increase your social media followers. As an example from past giveaways, blogs can expect to receive and minimum of 100+ new Facebook likes and similar for other social network sites. This ends up being a win-win situation for everybody involved:

1. You get to giveaway some money to your readers without having to use any of your own money.

2. You get a chance to increase the social media readership for your blog at no cost to you.

3. Your readers have a chance to win a little bit of money to help with their financial goals.

4. Your readers get to read a quality post about a personal finance topic and are encouraged to comment.

If you have a blog and are interested in participating or have any questions, please feel free to email me at anytime at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Coming Giveaways

March 4 – March 15 (Sponsored Prize: One $100 cash prize)

Current Giveaways

February 4 – February 15 (Theme: “Finding Your Loved One the Right Gift at The Right Price” Prize: One $100 cash prize)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mighty Bargain Hunter
Making Sense of Cents
Club Thrifty
Frugal Rules
Modest Money
Planting Money Seeds
Wealthy Turtle
Smart Money Guides
Reach Financial Independence
The Happy Homeowner
Plunged In Debt
Eyes on the Dollar
Canadian Budget Binder
Monster Piggy Bank
Money Master Mom
Young Adult Money
Debt Roundup
The Free Financial Advisor
Broke Ass Mommy
The Debt Myth
Well Kept Wallet
Free at 33
Gen Y Finance Journey
Tight Fisted Miser
Edward Antrobus
Shop My Closet Project
Brick By Brick Investing
What Mommy Does
My Alternate Life
Blogging Away Debt
Saving Advice Blog

You can see previous giveaway participants and their posts here

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100 Responses to Rafflecopter Cash Giveaway Project

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  8. Cheeryshirley says:

    I would call a halt to ALL non-necessary spending! Re-look at budget (we use YNAB) and call a family “pow-wow” to get everybody on the same page. I have such a huge bulk-purchased stockpile, I would STOP completely buying any disposable goods. Cheeryshirley

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  12. Lena @ WhatMommyDoes says:

    I have to say I’m totally impressed by the turnout from today’s giveaway! I’m up from 49 to 124 Facebook likes after a half day of entries!

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  48. sheila says:

    Best gift I’ve ever received.my children and grand children can’t put a price on that!

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