Uses for Spare Napkins

paper napkins

If you’ve ever eaten at a fast food or casual restaurant, you’ve probably ended up with extra napkins. You know how it goes. You go to the dispenser and grab a few but don’t use them all. Or the dispenser is jammed up so you dig at it and end up getting a huge handful of napkins you can’t use. In some places, the server comes by and plops a wad of napkins on your table or they stuff what seems like half a dispenser’s worth in your take-out bag. However it happens, it’s tempting to just toss those extras into the trash with the rest of your wrappers when you’re finished eating. If, though, you can find some other uses for these extra napkins, you can


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2 Responses to Uses for Spare Napkins

  1. jay says:

    We *never* buy paper towels anymore, so these “spares” do come in handy. First vote would be, of course, leave them behind. Your other ideas are great, though, and would just add one more: sopping up the grease, etc. from frying bacon, chicken, veggie fritters, whatever.

  2. Gail says:

    We use cloth napkins all the time, but I like having those leftover napkins for when eating something totally messy that takes an entire napkin for each bite which could really wipe out a lot of cloth napkins real fast. That is about the only reason I use them (plus the ones that stayed in the car are good for picnic lunches, clearing off windshields, etc.). I use rags for paper towels, dish clothes for wiping up stuff, etc. My huband can’t blieve how long I can keep ONE roll of paper towels going–usually a year or two if not more! Most of it he uses in his shop.

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