10 Great Reasons To Participate In Public Lands Day

crater lake national park

September 29, 2012 is National Public Lands Day which celebrates the many unique and beautiful public lands across the US. There is a huge effort for volunteers to help improve the public lands around them through clean-up and improvement, and this volunteerism comes with a host of benefits. From getting outdoors and improving the environment to getting free access to national parks, there are some great reasons to get outside and participate in National Public Lands Day.

It Promotes the Conservation of Land

National Public Lands Day is an annual event that celebrates and promotes the conversation of public land. Participating in a Public Lands Day event helps promote the conservation of yo


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One Response to 10 Great Reasons To Participate In Public Lands Day

  1. Christina says:

    Our community is commemorating Public Lands Day with a two hour walking tour to identify plants and trees native to our area.

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