Know Your Faults and Plan Around Them

blind spot

We all have our faults (real or perceived), blind spots, biases, prejudices, and things we’d rather die than do. These affect every area of our lives from the food we eat (“I’d rather die than eat broccoli!”) to the jobs we do (“I can’t do math, so I chose to be an English major.”). Sometimes these are pretty harmless and don’t affect much. If you hate broccoli, for example, nothing terrible will come of you not eating it as long as your diet is otherwise healthy. Sometimes, however, your faults can really limit your choices in life. If you say you can’t do math and choose some other career path, you may be hurting yourself if you really


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2 Responses to Know Your Faults and Plan Around Them

  1. Wowitsawonderfullife says:

    This is an honest and accurate summary of choices we all need to make. Wish I read this 20 years ago. Well done!

  2. Sheryl says:

    Well said. Could not have said it better. Made me stop and think about some choices I’ve made in the past. I’m retired now but it’s never too late to use these examples. I plan to begin tomorrow.

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