Talent Isn’t Necessary To Succeed

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I see many people give up on careers and activities that they love (or might love) because they don’t believe they have enough talent to succeed. Whether it’s acting, writing, designing, athletics, or even something more practical like computer programming or teaching, they just don’t feel like they have that magical ability that will make them “good at it.” Either someone has told them they don’t have talent, or they’ve simply come to believe it themselves through a failed effort. They give up before they even get started.

Well, in most cases, I think that’s nonsense. “Talent” is overvalued. Talent is defined as a natural aptitude


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6 Responses to Talent Isn’t Necessary To Succeed

  1. Jonathan says:

    I couldn’t agree more, success comes to those who have LUCK. A nice little acronym for:


  2. Wowitsawonderfullife says:

    LOL regarding the needle in the eye. For some strange reason I can sew and people think I should get into the business. But I hate every minute of it. I’ve hated it since grade school.

  3. Michelle says:

    This article came at the right time for me. Hard work and practice pays off! Michael Jordon has been quoted before on the number of times he practiced his jumpshots. He said that he missed them thousands of times before becoming consistent. His hard work paid off.

  4. Excellent article! Just the encouragement message I needed.

  5. mourad says:

    great article
    it came at the right time for me!
    thanks a lot :)

  6. Gail says:

    Love the sewing analogy! when people used to find out that I sewed they all thought I should do mending and alterations. I hate to mend! I would rather make a whole new garment than fix one. However I have gotten over the hating to mend part as I have a great sewing machine that has made mending much easier for me. Also through lots of reading and working with sewing patterns, I am the brains behind our sewing pattern business where we sell them on line. So actually I combine my love of sewing with a way to make money and NO mending. I’m not the greatest of talents when it comes to sewing, BUT I can tell you just about everything you need to do to make something right!

    One of the most important things you need for a happy career is love what you do. If you can’t find a job that you love, either develop your own job or make the decision that for this time and place you will love what you do or at least love what the job provides for you.

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