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As an advertiser, there’s a great opportunity to build your social media platforms, build your email lists or get sign ups for your site as part of the SavingAdvice Giveaway Project. This is a project where a number of personal finance bloggers work together to increase the social media platforms of all. By participating in this project, you have the opportunity to engage with a highly desirable demographic who are interested in a variety of aspects of personal finance.

The Giveaway Project is a bi-monthly giveaway where personal finance bloggers write a post on a specific theme of the giveaway. Unlike many giveaways which are mainly focused on getting participants who want to earn a large prize, each of the giveaways is focused to help readers learn more about bettering their money management skills and finances. As part of this post is included a Rafflecopter giveaway with each blogger who participating getting one of their social network pages as an entry to the giveaway. You can see past giveaways with links showing the posts that each of the bloggers made about that theme on this post to get a better feel of how each participating blogger writes about the theme.

There are a large number of ways that you can leverage the giveaway to fit your goals. If you are looking to drive traffic to a particular page or video, if you are looking for increased sign-ups and registrations, or it you’re looking to increase social media platform numbers, these are all possible. As an example, if you wanted to increase those that liked your company’s Facebook page, current giveaways indicate you can expect an increase of 250+ to your page. That is less that $0.20 a like for high quality, real people interested in finances people for the lowest entry level.

There are a number of different opportunities depending on your budget and what your goals are.

Entry in a Giveaway: $50. This makes one of your social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, etc) an entry into the giveaway which will be placed somewhere in the middle. Past giveaways indicate that you can expect 250+ Facebook likes and similar with other social networks.

Sponsorship: $150. This gives first (top) entry into a giveaway which is the first that all readers see and tends to get more activity than those in the middle. Sponsors get to choose the theme of the giveaway which all the participating bloggers will write about. Sponsors also can have their entry go to a specific page on their website or other area besides social media if desired.

Bonus Entries: $10 each. This is only available to Sponsors. Instead of a single entry into the giveaway, the Sponsor can increase the number of entries a person receives. This makes it more desirable for people to do the task you have assigned since they will receive more entries than doing the other tasks. For example, if you purchase 5 entries and you want people to like your Facebook page, they are much more likely to choose yours rather than anyone else’s since the person receives 5 entries into the contest instead of one.

Mentions: varies: It is also possible to get your website mentioned on all (or some) of the participating blogs.

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring future giveaways, please leave a comment or email me at [email protected]

Future Giveaways

January 1 – January 12 (Theme: “Finances in the New Year” )

January 14 – January 26 (SPONSORED – Theme: to be announced)

February 4 – February 16 (SPONSORED – Theme: “Finding Your Loved One the Right Gift at The Right Price” Prize: One $100 cash prize)

February 18 – February 28

March 4 – March 16

March 18 – March 30

April 1 – April 13

April 15 – April 27

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