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Anyone who writes a blog quickly realizes that there is a lot more to do than simply write articles. We have started to build a number of blogger tools to help solve blogging issues I have had in the past, and we would like to share these tools with other personal finance bloggers (and bloggers in general).

One of the most difficult and time consuming blogging processes is trying to get the word out that your blog even exists. We figured that there must be a easier way for like minded bloggers to share their best blog posts that would be to the advantage of all, so we created a social tagtrade network (twitter, facebook and G+) that should be mutually beneficial for anyone who decides to become involved.

One thing that I was concerned about was that I feel that people should only share articles that they truly feel would be beneficial to their readers, so I didn’t want it to be a “if I like your article, you have to like mine” situation. Instead, we set up a credit system that allows anyone to participate to only share the articles that they truly feel would be beneficial to their social network readers. Participants gain credits each time they share the articles they like (1:1). They can then list their own article, and each time someone shares that article, a credit is lost. This means that the more participants share, the more that their article can be be shared by others, but there is no mandatory rule that anyone has to share any other participant’s article. This should mean that only top quality articles will be shared and because of this, participants will only share their very best blog posts.

The tagtrade network is also dynamic so that participants can share an article at any time and don’t necessarily have to share articles on a weekly basis. This allows bloggers to save up credits for their very best articles to get the most exposure to them. It also makes for a great tool for those who are considering starting a money related blog. By participating even before they begin to blog, the participant can accumulate credits so when they launch their blog, they get instant social media attention.

If anyone is interested in participating in the network or learning more details about it, please email me with your blog name and I can give more specific information.

For all writers, we have created a word counter that can help in a number of ways. As the name implies, placing an article into the tool will show you the number of words and characters for the article. Beyond that, the counter also lists the top 10 keywords that you use so that you can know what words you may be overusing. This also helps to make sure that all the important keywords you want to include in the article are there.

If you have a blog and get a lot of guest post submissions, you know that many times you have to reformat them in the blog post so that the guest post looks correct and doesn’t include strange characters (this is especially true of Microsoft Word documents being placed in WordPress blogs). Article formatter will correct all the strange characters and make the article format correctly including paragraphs for articles sent in the body of emails.

These are three recent tools that we have created and we hope to create more in the future. Please let us know if you have any suggestions of a current blogging issue you have that we might be able to create a tool to solve.

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