Organize Your Recipes To Eat At Home More

recipe organization

One of the reasons that people often give for eating out a lot is, “I don’t know what to make.” (That, or “I don’t know how to make it,” which can be overcome with some simple cooking lessons). Yet many of us have recipes for wonderful, simple dishes scattered all over our kitchens. Some may be tucked into cookbooks, or they’re tacked to the fridge. Sometimes they’re stuffed in junk drawers or just placed in an envelope with no way of knowing exactly what’s in there. When it comes time to make a meal, we’re stumped. We know we have a recipe for something good, but we can’t lay our hands on it. Forget it, we say, as we head ou


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2 Responses to Organize Your Recipes To Eat At Home More

  1. Christine says:

    This is a great website where u can enter in ingredients u have and it finds recipes that uses those ingredients (this is how I try to empty my pantry from time to time, getting creative and using whats on hand instead of running tot the store)

  2. jay says:

    Computer programs are great.
    With very little effort not only can you search by ingredient, you can then create sequential meals: use cream for quiche, buttermilk for pancakes, and at the same time make some sour cream for baked potatoes. A few nights later make Swedish Meatballs. Rice as a side dish, with a roast, then a few days later, fried rice, with leftover meat. If you roasted a chicken, you can quickly make broth in the pressure cooker using the bones, etc. and later have chicken soup with the rice (whatever) as well. If you also roasted some veggies, you have something to later add to a quiche!
    Some computer programs actually allow you to create such “relationships”, but eventually, in any case, it becomes second nature to think this way.

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