Recapturing Small Bits of Wasted Time

wasted time

The old saying, “Time is money,” is true in a lot of ways. This is literally true at work. You put in time, you get paid. In some cases the more time you put in, the more you get paid thanks to overtime. It’s also true when it comes to frugal activities or other activities related to finances. An hour spent clipping coupons saves you more than an hour spent shopping in the mall. An hour spent learning about investing is worth more than an hour spent reading the latest Stephen King novel. How you use your time often equates to the health of your finances.

That’s not to say that every minute of your day needs to be devoted to a money making or money saving activity. Yo


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3 Responses to Recapturing Small Bits of Wasted Time

  1. rob62521 says:

    We have a “No Soliciting” sign and most folks choose to ignore it and ring the doorbell anyway. I just point to it and politely say goodbye.

  2. jay says:

    Decluttering in general: The less you have to rummage/wade through, handle, touch, think about– the simpler and easier your life will be. Problem is we often adapt instead of questioning and analyzing.

    Good reminder of activities we may not recognize as “time sinks”.

  3. cindyoh says:

    Good article, I identify with most of your points. Yep, “toxic people,” that’s the one thing I can’t be rid of just yet – family – a mom with Alzheimer’s and the deadbeat kinfolk who are mostly useless (though I’m dealing better now than I did a few months ago with the deadbeats, at least; mom’s another story). Anyway, I look happily forward to the day when being “free” will happen naturally (or so I keep telling myself). The key for me is not to get overwhelmed and to slow down. Funny, I thought yesterday about a “no soliciting” sign for mom’s house, since I can’t get her to move in with me, and God knows who she might invite in or give money to these days, ha-ha.

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