Why You Should Visit Your Local Visitor Center

local vistior center

We had some guests in town a couple of weeks ago. When it came time to deciding what to do for entertainment, they wanted to see the tourist attractions. Well, where I live isn’t a big tourist town. Or so I thought. In looking around, though, I discovered that we have a lot of museums and activities that I wasn’t even aware of, most of them free or very low cost. Heck, I learned that we have a fairly prominent Civil War battlefield about thirty miles down the road that I didn’t even realize was there. (It also made me realize that I must live under a very large rock because I’ve lived in this general area all of my life. Once the forced school field trips stopped, th


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3 Responses to Why You Should Visit Your Local Visitor Center

  1. We definitely could use this advice. We live very close to a mountain reservation of which we have not explored among many, many other things. Walking trails, bird sanctuaries, galleries, museums, etc. We have to get on this.

    Thanks to whomever sent me the investment info.

  2. OfeliaTConejo says:

    Yes, all of us live in areas that need to be explored and the Visitor’s Center in any town is a good place to begin. Not only will it be fun for your and your guests, but it is inexpensive and educational as well.

  3. A great idea! There are lots of fun things in the area we live in…they just look “normal”, thus not quite as fun since they are near by. When you have a reason to look with fresh eyes, they look better!

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