10 Things To Avoid Buying At The Supermarket

supermarket frozen food aisle

When it comes to grocery store shopping, there are certain items that you probably want to avoid purchasing if you’re on a budget. In most cases, these are convenience items where there is a large mark-up simply so you don’t have to do something yourself, but sometimes it’s simply because there are better outlets to purchase the product for much less than at a grocery store. Understanding the products aren’t good deals can help you reduce your grocery budget and help you get more value for your money when you do your grocery shopping. Here are some of the supermarket items you want to avoid:

Premade Sandwiches

Premade sandwiches might seem convenient if you’re


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2 Responses to 10 Things To Avoid Buying At The Supermarket

  1. Marcia says:

    If you buy paper plates, plastic cups, foil, plastic wrap, trash bags, sandwich and freezer bags, paper lunch bags, etc. it’s usually cheaper to get them in dollar stores or a place like Wal Mart. Paper towels, detergent, toilet paper, pet food, check for sales. Sometimes especially with a coupon you come out ahead with a sale at the supermarket, but you have to watch the prices. Yeah, even with Wal Mart just because it’s Wal Mart doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheaper!!

  2. Gail says:

    The last few months I’ve found that waiting for coffee to go on sale at CVS gets me the best price! I don’t drink the stuff but hubby does and if I spent $13 for a can of the stuff he would stop drinking it, so currently he gets to keep his ‘treat’.

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