Monthly Money Challenge

monthly money challenge

When I was first learning how to be frugal and save money, I used to do monthly financial challenges all the time. I’d pick a goal, like cut down or eliminate eating out, and pursue it with gusto for a whole month. At the end of the month I’d tally up my savings. Usually it added up to quite a bit.

As I got better with money, I got away from the monthly challenges. Lately, though, I’ve gone back to them. We’ve had a couple of expensive months around here with doctors bills and other issues, so we needed to scale back a bit to bring things more in line. While we’re not anywhere near destitute, the monthly challenge helps me to refocus and rein in spending in are


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2 Responses to Monthly Money Challenge

  1. baselle says:

    You’ll want to be careful on how you implememt at least one of these challenges – my place of employment allows you to change your 401K/403B *quarterly* rather than monthly.

  2. We are doing something like this right now. August is both a no-spend month and a pantry challenge month for us. We waste too much money and need to reign it in! Thanks for the other 1-month challenge ideas.

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