Get to Know Your Neighbors to Save Money

good neighbor gathering

Many of us tend to go about our daily business without stopping to say hi to our neighbors. Even if we do give them a polite nod in acknowledgement, we rarely get to know them. Getting to know your neighbors can be a great thing. Of course, not all of your neighbors may turn out to be friendly and welcoming, but those that are could turn into great friendships. And, as most people know, friendship means helping each other out!

Borrowing Items

For instance, the next time you need an appliance or tool, such as a blender, lawn mower, broom, or ladder, why not ask your neighbor if you can borrow it? It saves you the money of having to buy or rent it yourself. This is especially good if it̵


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2 Responses to Get to Know Your Neighbors to Save Money

  1. Alexandria says:

    So true. What’s the point of buying *use once every few years* tools if your neighbors have them? & they seem appreciative that the tools get used, honestly.

    I think that community is so important when it comes to frugality. There are so many things we can do to help each other. “Neighborhood Watch” also comes to mind. Who needs expensive security systems when you have vigilant neighbors?

  2. Ann says:

    True story. However, not all neighbors are willing to “share resources”. There are some who keep to themselves but this is not the reason to give up. If your neighbor doesn’t seem to trust you, be the first one to offer help to open up a good communication.

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