The Simple Question That Saves Money

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When it comes to personal finance, the one question that can save you a lot of money, time, and heartache is, “Why?” Too often, though, it’s the question people don’t ask. I learned a long time ago to ask why (about pretty much everything, not just money). I was one of those kids who pestered my parents by asking why all the time and, when they’d give me an answer, I’d say, “But why?” in a never ending circle of questions. It’s something I still do today, although perhaps with less of a pestering quality.

The first person you should always ask “Why?” of is yourself. You should always question your motives, needs, and wants wh


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3 Responses to The Simple Question That Saves Money

  1. ella says:

    Yes! I believe that there’s nothing wrong in asking questions, as long as it will help you to be guided accordingly. =)

  2. OfeliaTConejo says:

    Always, always ask questions. It is the intelligent thing to do.

  3. Max G says:

    I try to ask myself the same thing. It’s too easy to buy something or to do something on impulse. I try to make sure that I understand what I’m buying or whose advice I’m following before doing anything stupid

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