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We all know that we should do it, but most of us don’t because it’s either too much of a hassle or we simply forget. Every time we leave our computer and it remains running, we are wasting energy. While each individual time we do this may not seem like like a lot of wasted money, when all those times get added together over the year, it can add up to quite a bit. The EcoButton attempts to solve this problem in an easy and effective way.

Plug the EcoButton into a USB drive and anytime you leave your computer, simply push it and it will place your computer into energy-saving mode. Since the button is bright and right there next to your computer, you’re much more likely to use your computer’s energy-saving feature than you would otherwise be. When you return, simply click the EcoButton again and your computer comes back to life exactly where you left it. This can be especially effective with kids who constantly leave the computer running as they answer phone calls from friends or get distracted doing other things.

eco button save energy

ecobutton save energy

Another motivational feature this gadget has is that it calculates the amount of energy you saved each time you use it so that you can see how much money you have saved with each press of the button. This gives your instant gratification knowing that you not only saved money, but you also helped the planet by reducing Co2 admissions.

How much you can save depends on your computer and monitor since all makes and models use energy at different rates. The EcoButton estimates that the average computer users will save about $60 a year on their electricity costs. That means that you will get a 500% return on your investment in the first year alone, and continue saving for years after that. If you happen to be a heavy computer user, or often leave your computer running all night, the savings could be more than double this.

As with all gadgets, the key for them to be effective money savers is that they actually need to be used — even if you have the best intentions, but fail to use the gadget at all, it will be a waste of money. That being said, the cost (about $10) is relatively small for the potential savings and even if you don’t use it every time, it should pay for itself rather quickly. It would also make a wonderful gift for any person you know that spends a lot of time on the computer as you will be not only be getting them a gift today, but also saving them money long into the future.

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  1. Noel says:

    My Toshiba Satellite comes with Eco mode which effective does the same job. Its a great function but otherwise I don’t recommend Toshiba.

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