Increase Productivity: Break Your Day Into Periods

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the benefits of a timer for increasing productivity. When you use a timer, you can break tough or dreaded tasks down into small increments of time. Doing this can keep you from getting bored or frustrated and enable you to make slow but steady progress toward your goals instead of procrastinating.

If you’ve progressed beyond the point where working in five or fifteen minute increments is helpful and you want to stretch your work time a bit further, you can divide your day into periods. You probably remember your school days when every day was divided into periods. You knew where you were going to be and what you were going to do for just about every


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One Response to Increase Productivity: Break Your Day Into Periods

  1. Gail says:

    With hubby self-employed at home and me home on disability we tend to spend most of our time at home and doing the same things daily. I have found it helps me to get done what needs to be done by sticking or at least trying to stick to a schedule. Then at times it is nice to have a day or two where I take a vacation and do whatever I want when I want. When I first got sick I couldn’t remember the minor things like that I had thrown alundry into the washer or I would forget to balance the checkbook. I started using post it notes to remind myself to do certain things and when. Now it has become habit.

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