25 Uses For Old Cans

Chances are that you encounter some form of can almost every day. Maybe it’s the small can from the dog/cat food. Maybe it held vegetables or another canned good. There are also bigger coffee cans and paint cans. And don’t forget soda cans. While cans are recyclable almost everywhere, they are also very handy for many other uses.

Metal cans are very durable and the wide variety of sizes available make them versatile. Some come with lids, making them great for storage. (Hint: If the can doesn’t come with a lid, like a vegetable or dog food can, you can buy lids for these cans in the pet store or in the kitchen aisle of most big-box stores. They’re designed for keeping


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2 Responses to 25 Uses For Old Cans

  1. minny says:

    I use them for holding water at my art groups – light and don’t break. I also use them to hold brushes and pencils.

    Because there is a high turnover for water cans I don’t bother to decorate them!

  2. laine elliott says:

    Asked daughter-in-law for help finding something to do w/cat food cans. Have many abandoned cats outside to feed, and bringing the young ones inside & have them fixed. Two every two months. We are using OVER 40 cans a week.(not to mention 25lb. bag of hard food). She emailed me this site, thank you to you & to her. Well, let me get busy…….:-) :-)

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