Inexpensive Summer Snacks for the Neighborhood

save money during summer

It’s summertime and that means that the kids are out of school. And they’re hungry. If you live in a neighborhood where the kids play together all day long, you’ve probably found yourself facing a horde of hungry kids. Even when practicing ways to save money on food, feeding a lot of kids can get expensive, though, and three months of it can do a number on your budget. However, there are ways to reduce the expense yet still provide for the hungry horde. Here are some ideas for some cheap snacks and drinks, as well a couple of additional strategies for dealing with lots of hungry kids.


Preventative repackaging

If you buy a big bag of chips, it’s likely cheaper


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3 Responses to Inexpensive Summer Snacks for the Neighborhood

  1. Ivana says:

    Try to think of healthy and tasty options. Many things are simple to make but also nutritious: fresh cut vegetables with a dip, hummus with pita bread, cherry tomatoes (especially if you grow your own!). Drinks: don’t forget water with citrus slices, or fruit and/or vegetable juices. These can be homemade, healthy, but also tasty!

  2. jeane says:

    That was indeed a brilliant page. I love those inexpensive summer snack ideas. Cool! I love making pretzel and popcorn for the kids which they really love. Great job!

  3. briann_littleton says:

    When making lemonade from the canned frozen concentrate, using the proportions on the can it comes out tasting too sweet for me. What I do is pour the concentrate into a gallon jug and then fill it with tap water to an inch below the neck. Shake well and pour into two half gallon jugs to mmake for easier handling. I think it turns out to be a more refreshing drink and it’s cheaper!

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