Do What You Want With Your Money, But Have a Reason

how to spend your money

Personal finance is just that. Personal. My choices and actions with money are not going to be the same as your choices and actions. Maybe I dream of travel and you dream of a Lamborghini. Maybe you want to pay for your kids’ college expenses and your neighbor wants a bigger house. Maybe you want to downsize to the point where you’re living in a cabin in the woods and your coworker wants to give all his money to charity. None of these dreams is wrong, they’re just different. The one thing we have in common, though, is a reason for our behavior. It may not seem rational to anyone but us, but that reason is what drives us to do what we do with money.

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2 Responses to Do What You Want With Your Money, But Have a Reason

  1. alirobertson says:

    Talking about guilt in buying, keep in mind to purchase the things that you really need. This is actually true. Make sure that your reason for financial decisions makes sense to you.

  2. Christie Hartshorn says:

    Two questions I always ask myself when making purchases: “Would this add value to my life?” “Would it make me happy?” If yes is the answer to both, I’ll make the purchase and no regrets.

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