Graduating College Without Debt

graduating without debt

My neighbor’s child, Lisa, just graduated from college. She could have gone to some prestigious private schools or out-of-state colleges, but she chose to go to a smaller in-state college to save big bucks on tuition. She also considered a degree program online that are much more affordable and would have given her the ability to be more flexible.

Her graduation was distinctive for two reasons. First, she graduated with honors. Second, she graduated with no debt, yet her parents didn’t pay for school. Her mother brags about both, and rightly so. Lisa recently came by the house while I was visiting with her mother. Always nosy about financial matters, I asked her how she managed


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3 Responses to Graduating College Without Debt

  1. Monkey Mama says:

    Great article – I did the same and so the article resonates with me (same means to the same end). Except living off campus was always cheaper for me. Taking 5 years to finish college was also cheaper, but these are the kind of variables that will vary depending on where you live and where you go to school.

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    My husband I did the same, took advantage of scholarships and worked, lived with our parents and didn’t spend a ton of money. I remember my husband was the only one who actually applied for this one scholarship every semester. He got it by default. This was despite telling his classmates about the scholarship, too. The last time he went to fill out the paperwork for it (you had to do it in person), they told him not to and just gave him the check! Because it was “only” for $400 each semester it was small potatoes for the other students. That $400 covered his books, though.

  3. Gail says:

    Love hearing about kids like this! Gives me some hope for the future of our country, because some students that leave college with heavy debt are lazy and don’t have any important life skills. I too graduated debt free back in the days before credit cards and when I see the mounds of stuff that students just have to have whe they go to school, I just can’t believe it–microwaves, coffee pots, stereos, TVs, mini refridgerators, all brand new bedding, and the list goes on. In our area they always feature a few of these kids on the news to ‘prove’ how expensive college is, but in reality these kids have already most likely racked up their first $1000 in debt before ever hitting the campus. I worked my way through college using on campus jobs, babysitting, typing term papers, etc. When I graduated the college owed me money. Been frugal all my life and a good thing as even though I work hard, there has never been an abundance of money in our home.

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