Saving Money with Safe Sex

safe sex saves money

There are many compelling reasons to practice safe sex which are often discussed in sex education classes such as the potential of sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant. When discussing safe sex a couple of reasons which are often not discussed are that it could possibly be the best financial advice you can give your kids and the amount of money that you can save by practicing safe sex. The amount that can be saved is huge as anyone who has ever had an unplanned pregnancy can attest, and not practicing safe sex can change your financial situation for the rest of your life. Below are a number of ways that practicing safe sex can save money.

Cost of Raising A Child

While there’s always a chance of becoming pregnant even if you have safe sex, safe sex will hopefully help prevent pregnancy. And of course, as many people know, having children is very expensive. Safe sex will limit the chances of a woman becoming pregnant, saving you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you never planned on having kids.

Pregnancy Tests

While the last section made a general overview of how expensive children are, safe sex will hopefully save you from having to buy a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests can cost anywhere from $10 to $20. And while that might not seem like a lot of money, if you need to buy one frequently enough, the total cost will add up. Even if you aren’t buying them often, it’s still $10 or $20 you don’t have to spend! Having safe sex will help you avoid those costs.

Pregnancy Medical Procedures

Medical procedures surrounding pregnancy are also expensive, whether they’re procedures to prevent pregnancy or ensure it. Some health insurances don’t cover the cost of extraneous fees for ultrasounds, multiple doctor’s visits, or medications. If you or your partner accidentally becomes pregnant, you’re going to have to pay a lot of money out of pocket. Even if you have insurance that covers many of your pregnancy related fees, there’s still a good chance that you’ll be paying for some of them on your own.

Medication for Pregnancy

In addition to the costs of pregnancy tests, pregnancy medical procedures, and the overall costs of having and raising children, you’d also have to consider paying for any potential medication associated with your pregnancy. Some women become diabetic while pregnant while some suddenly become allergic to certain things. If you have insurance, you might only have a co-pay for these medications, but if you do not have insurance, you’ll have to pay full price. Unfortunately, some of those co-pays are incredibly expensive. This is one other cost you can avoid if you have safe sex.

Doctor’s Visits for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There’s a higher risk of receiving an STD if you don’t have safe sex. Of course, as with pregnancy, there’s still a chance of receiving one even if you have safe sex, but the chance is smaller if you’re practicing safe sex. Once you contract an STD, you’ll have to make a trip to the doctor to obtain a diagnosis, and that’s money you’d probably rather not spend.

Medication for STDs

To go along with the last point, if you do happen to contract an STD, you’ll have to pay for medication. Depending on the STD you contact, the medication could be fairly expensive and there could be a chance that even with insurance, the co-pay is high. Regardless of whether or not the co-pay is high, you’re still going to have to pay for that medication for the foreseeable future. By having safe sex, you lower your chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease, thus potentially avoiding spending money on medical visits and medication.

Keeps Your Body Healthy

Safe sex is incredibly healthy and, as already noted, attempts to prevent diseases. While doctors have already noted the great ways in which sex can improve aspects of your body – silkier hair, better skin, and an improved immune system, for instance, these facts are doubly important when you factor in not having to worry about catching a disease. When you have safe sex, you can concentrate on all the positive benefits you’re obtaining instead of worrying about the negatives which will, unfortunately, result in doctor’s trips and money spent trying to combat the problem. A healthy body means less medical bills!

Time Lost Worrying

If you’re not having safe sex, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly worrying about any negative side effects that could happen such as becoming pregnant or getting an STD. As the adage goes, time is money, and time lost is money lost. You could be booking and paying for doctor’s appointments that are unnecessary or buying pregnancy tests you won’t need. Don’t let your worry cause you to waste your hard-earned money.

Reduced Stress

As mentioned before, while safe sex doesn’t necessarily guarantee that someone won’t become pregnant or get an STD, it does help reduce your stress levels. When you have safe sex, you know that you have less to worry about. There’s less of a worry about an accidental pregnancy. For many people, stress results in negative habits, many of which end up inadvertently costing a lot of money — smoking, drinking, impulse buying, for example. Reduce those stress levels by having safe sex and having less to worry about!

Free Condoms

Plenty of doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, colleges, and non-profit groups hand out free condoms in order to advocate for safe sex. If you’re around any of these locations, check them out, not only for any educational or health related materials, but because they might be handing out free condoms. Who would say no to that? You’re saving money and having safe sex!

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