The Productivity Benefits of a Timer

start using a timer

One of the best things I’ve done to increase my productivity is to start using a timer. A while ago I noticed I was having trouble with my concentration and as a result my productivity was dropping. While I’ve gotten much of that issue under control, I have a related problem with procrastination. When there is a task I don’t want to do (or one that I want to do but I’m afraid of doing badly), I will go to great lengths to put it off.

The only thing, of course, that ultimately gets anything done is to put my butt in a chair or pick up a cleaning tool (just for example) and do the job. It’s getting me to the chair or into the cleaning mode that’s often the


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4 Responses to The Productivity Benefits of a Timer

  1. I like this idea and will try it.

    We’re Big Bang addicts also.


  2. Minny says:

    Look at Flylady – she advocates this regarding cleaning – I use it as she suggests.

  3. Gail says:

    Absolutely spot on! Due to disability, I find my ability to do things decreasing rapidly, but find that I can do an immense amount of stuff just waiting 2 minutes for the microwave to go off, such as put clean dishes away, stack dishes, clean off counters, etc. I try to grab those spare minutes when I can. We turn on a room AC at night and so sometimes I have to wait to go to bed until the room is cooled down. Since my sewing room is next to the bedroom, I find I can quilt several seams in a quilt, clean out my machine, wind bobbins, clean up and put a few things away for those few minutes. I learned long ago from the “Side-Tracked Home Executives” (read this book if your housework has gotten away from you) that all household chores can be broken down into small sections of time and doing the work takes less time than thinking about it or procrastinating!

  4. jay says:

    I, too, use a timer. Started with FlyLady as mentioned above, and find it an incredibly productive tool. Amazing how much you can do while waiting for coffee to brew, or (if you still have to suffer through them) a commercial. Makes those dreaded, tedious tasks tolerable.
    Only caution is to not do the same small task over and over again, but rather have an overall plan.
    Big Bang fan, too!

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