Saving Money: Why I Cleaned Out My Inbox


I used to subscribe to emails from tons of companies. On any given day I’d get probably fifty emails from restaurants, retailers, and travel providers. That doesn’t count the texts I’d get on my cell phone from retailers, or the companies on Facebook that would notify me of deals and coupons. While I got some fantastic deals, I realized that I was often spending money needlessly. My inbox was costing me money, not saving it.

Because I’d get a coupon or a deal, I’d feel like I had to use it. If I got a text for something free at a restaurant, I’d often go out to eat. If I got a coupon from a retailer, I’d go see what they had. I didn’t necessar


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4 Responses to Saving Money: Why I Cleaned Out My Inbox

  1. jay says:

    Agree; Did much the same. Last hold out- considering removing credit card info from Amazon. That would put a major kibosh on impulse purchases!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is a good idea. I’d do it, too, except I buy so many of my daily items from them (soap, detergent, batteries, some groceries, etc.) that it would just be a pain. But it’s a good idea, otherwise.

  3. Minny says:

    I’ve thought of that too. However, I decided not to!

  4. Dee in RI says:

    I did the same purge with bargains in my inbox. The pay off is more free time and really saving money. The thrill of the hunt (for bargains), has lost it’s luster. It’s been replaced by control of my time and less clutter, both physical and mental.
    Totally worth the effort as far as I’m concerned.

    Shopping is not entertainment. I’s a quest for necessary goods and services at the right price.

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