Simple Sayings To Make Someone’s Day For Free

have a great day

Everyone has bad days. They’re never fun and when you have them, it doesn’t take much to keep the day going in a downward spiral. But sometimes something surprising happens and something as small as an unexpected compliment or friendly gesture can completely change the direction of where the day was going. knowing that those small gestures can make your day, why not make an effort to make someone else’s day? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stranger, friend, or colleague. A small compliment or friendly gesture goes a long way, and best of all, it doesn’t cost a cent to do.


How many people do you smile and say “hello” to on


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3 Responses to Simple Sayings To Make Someone’s Day For Free

  1. Minny says:

    I agree with a lot of these, but I do think that there is a line where it comes over as patronising.

    I don’t say I’m here if someone needs to talk. Experience has shown me it can leave me feeling morose and rarely helps.

  2. Gail says:

    Since I walk with a cane and am slow and pokey, when someone extends the courtesy to hold a door for me, I always tell them thank you in a way that lets them know that I am thankful. Especially if children help me out, I go out of my way to thank them and tell them how much I appreciated their actions so they will go on doing them. I have heard of other disabled people COMPLAINING because someone held a door for them (not sure what part of their brain is working then) and I am astonished at them when I hear of this. They may not need the help but many of us do, so lets think about those that need help and even if you don’t be polite anyhow.

  3. mrpaseo says:

    Minny, you are missing the point.

    All emotions are shared, when you enter a room and there is laughter, you laugh without knowing why. When someone is sad, you cry with them and they feel better. When someone is afraid, you hold one another and feel more secure.

    When you listen to a friend that is sad, what you feel is empathy, you feel sad because you are sharing the emotions. The emotions that you absorbed are thus released from your friend (Not literally, but this is the end result) and in turn, you lighten the load from your friend by taking on some of their pain.


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