Extra Income Doesn’t Have to Mean a Second Job

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Many people could use some extra income these days. Unfortunately, enthusiasm tends to wane when talk shifts to getting a second job. It’s a hassle to seek out and apply for the jobs, and it’s even more of a pain to come home from your main job, wolf down dinner and then head out the door for another shift of work. Even if you don’t have to work nights, you’ll likely have to give up your weekends and that’s not fun, either. Even freelancing in your current occupation can seem like a “job,” particularly if you don’t love what you do to start with.

Fortunately, there are ways to generate extra income without getting a second job. It doesn’


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8 Responses to Extra Income Doesn’t Have to Mean a Second Job

  1. Great advice. I’m decluttering my house by using ebay and craigslist. It’s been going pretty well.

  2. Gail says:

    My son has a full time 40 hour a week job, a part time 10 hour a week job, transcribes patterns for me job, and also does surveys and I think he makes around $25 a month at the different ones. It is good for him as one survery he had to taste test different soda pops. To get an autistic person to try a new flavoer/brand is truly an art, but waving money in front of his nose did it LOL! I don’t know what surveys he has bumped into and used, but I know I used to do surverys, etc. and made some decent money at one place that needed RNs to help with research in bringing a new drug to market.

    There are truly many ways to make money on line, but many of them have the money trickling in in dribs and drabs. That doesn’t mean don’t try, it just means get started now instead of waiting until you need a spare $100.

  3. Thad P says:

    Regarding selling stuff: you would be amazed the stuff people will give you when they don’t want to haul it off. You can then sell that stuff!

  4. Arielle S. says:

    Really interesting article. There are alot of ways to make extra money but the ones you listed would certainly help others who has no idea how to go about it. I currently take surveys as one of many ways I earn extra money. I should really consider trying to sell things since I have so much stuff in my house. I’ll probably be able to make some pocket change with them. Thanks for sharing this article :)

  5. Marie Lewis says:

    Loved reading the content. I have been doing freelancing since last year as a side by side along with my job in order to have an extra source of income. Apart from it, I have achieved scholarship during my university days and also I used to attend a lot of stage performances and earn from them. With course of time I have lessened it a bit, but still haven’t left it completely. I feel each and everyone should have an extra source of income to cope up with the present society, not necessary through job but through any effective source that will be available.

  6. Fiona says:

    Market research is a good option, not a steady income but signing up to several agencies means you end up with a few invitations throughout the year. Some companies pay quite a lot to simply sit in a hotel lobby and discuss what brands you like.

    Selling stuff on Ebay is also great, anything you don’t use, want or need can go to a new home for a little cash. Some people make a career out of buying and making a profit on ebay!

  7. Does blogging count as another job? If not, then it should definitely be on the list!

  8. Gloria says:

    I would really like someone to specifically list legitiate companies for on-line surveys that pay cash, market research companies, etc. I don’t know how to tell if a site is the real deal or a scam. Can anyone enlighten me please? I lost my job and any little bit will help. Thank you very much.


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