The Financial Cost of Texting and Driving

texting while driving

I don’t consider myself a soapbox preacher, but the issue of texting and driving is one of those that gets me going. It frustrates me to no end that people think those little messages are so important that they are worth endangering lives over. Of course, the problem is that no one really believes they’re endangering anyone. “I know what I’m doing,” and “It won’t happen to me” are the mantras of the texters.

This is what my neighbor thought, too, until the day she was checking a text and plowed into the back of the vehicle in front of her. The car in front stopped suddenly to avoid a kid that ran into the crosswalk. Had my neighbor been paying


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3 Responses to The Financial Cost of Texting and Driving

  1. Chris Hawks says:

    Good article. Well spoken!

  2. Gail says:

    Any carelessness while driving is bad and your friend’s predicament just proves it. I was almost killed last week when a woman was running a red light in her big black SUV vs. my 13 year old rusty van. With no working AC in my van I had the window down and thankfully heard the zoom of her car and slammed on the breaks prior to her seeing me and stopping herself. I was not the the first car to go when my lane got the green light, I was second so she obviously wasn’t paying attention at all for her not to notice another car had driven in fornt of her. In 30 minutes I saw 3 idiot drivers. One being a school bus going against traffic in a construction zone. We were following a pilot car when suddenly around 10 cars were faced with a shool bus going against traffic and taking up the major portion of an already skinny space. The amazing thing to me was once she saw she was in the wrong, she didn’t stop, but just kept going. We called the school superindent and the bus garage and turned her in. She at the very least got a dressing down, but it could have been worse as they didn’t tell us what they decided to do about her. Sure I could have tried to forget about seeing this happening, but after the close call minutes earlier, I was tired of seeing drivers doing insane things.

    Not necessarily casued by driving and texting, but not paying attention. I wonder if your friend will ever even want to use that phone again. We lived without cell phones 20 years ago. Why do people think they have to be on them non-stop now? I still don’t have one.

  3. alirobertson says:

    Sadly, you’re not only physically injured but financially as well. But it all boils down to financial preparedness. Do you have emergency funds or insurance just in case?

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