12 Ways to Make Group Spending Easier

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Nothing brings on financial stress like occasions where several people get together and do something that involves money. It may be buying a group gift for an office mate or family member, going on vacation with extended family or a group of friends, or throwing a party for a child or adult. Whatever the occasion, whenever people get together and do activities that involve money (particularly large sums), there are sometimes hurt feelings, simmering anger, and outright fights. When people don’t agree on the division of the money or the plans being made, things can get heated enough to make you want to just chuck the whole idea. Here are some ideas to smooth the process and reduce the


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2 Responses to 12 Ways to Make Group Spending Easier

  1. Gail says:

    So glad I no longer have to deal with office gifts, etc. and I have never been able to comprehend why people think that a restaurant tab should be split when eating out with friends. Unless you say ahead of time that it is your treat, each person or couple should be responsible for their own bill. I can’t even imagine going on a joint vacation and spliting a bill–completely out of my lifestyle.

  2. Venuemob says:

    It’s always difficult to buy things in a group, but you’ve given some wonderful tips. Thank you!

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