Terrible Investment Advice

bad investment

Ask around and you’ll find plenty of people willing to give you “sound” investment advice. I’ve never been much of a conformist, so I’m going to offer you, instead, ten pieces of really terrible advice on investing. Why? So you’ll recognize them when you hear them from the “experts” or your friends. Some readers will quickly come to the conclusion that most of what I’m about to write isn’t rocket science; it’s just common sense. Those readers are right on target. It’s too easy, however, to put common sense on the back burner when someone’s telling you about how you can make a fortune. Here are ten pieces of terrib


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3 Responses to Terrible Investment Advice

  1. Jonathan says:

    I can’t remember of any tech IPOs of late that have actually made money for their shareholders. I’ve heard pretty much all of these terrible advice one liners at one point or another.

  2. James says:

    I disagree about savings bonds. They have typically done better than interest on passbook savings accounts – although in recent years both savings bonds and savings account interest rates have been dismal.

  3. Robert Dunn says:

    Let me pick stocks for you so you can get better than market return. Probably the biggest whopper of the bunch.

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