11 Reasons To Do Jigsaw Puzzles

In our world of electronic gadgetry, the old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle gets short shrift. It’s not sexy or exciting, some think, so it can’t possibly be any fun. But jigsaw puzzles are a great source of frugal entertainment. As you pass the jigsaw puzzles in the toy department on the way to the more glamorous Lego’s, Leap Pads, iPads, and console games, here are some reasons why you should stop and take a longer look at the puzzles.


Jigsaw puzzles are cheaper than many other toys and entertainment choices. You can find a 1,000 piece puzzle for less than $5 in some stores. You can find boxes with multiple puzzles included for under $10. And the price only goes down


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8 Responses to 11 Reasons To Do Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. Love your list. Sharing it on our Facebook page, We Love Jigsaw Puzzles.

  2. Paul says:

    A nice page for all the jigsaw puzzle lovers. Thanks for this list.

  3. Minny says:

    I love jigsaws. At Christmas I buy a puzzle with a specially good picture to start on Christmas Day. Other puzzles come from Charity Shops, I went into a Charity Shop the other day and one volunteer was counting the pieces from a used puzzle – now that’s dedication I said.

  4. Gail says:

    When our library has its twice a year used book sales, they also sell jigsaw puzzles as well and apparently they move very well. We have one that my in-laws put together framed on our sitting room wall. Thanks for the tip about them for those with arthritis as I’m always looking for ways to deal with this horrible disease.

  5. Wonderful Soul says:

    Jigsaw puzzles sure are great fun!

  6. Newt's Games says:

    We started carrying jigsaw puzzles at our retail store a couple of years ago and we have been very surprised at how popular they are. Not to mention all of the awesome designs and levels that are available for pretty much any age.

  7. the Puzzler says:

    Liked your article! I grew up with jigsaw puzzles. Did many with my dear mom. Now I enjoy making them myself out of wood.

  8. Bruce Wilbur says:

    Need assistance assembling puzzle globe of moon made with puzzle cardboard pieces pull apart do to need to bend

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