10 Financial Reasons You Should Declutter Your House


It’s no secret that removing clutter from your home makes for a more pleasant, healthier environment. Less mess makes for easier living and better entertaining, too. What may not be quite so obvious is the fact that eliminating disorder from your home may have financial advantages. Is an untidy living space having a negative impact on your bank account? Let’s examine some of the economic reasons for cleaning up around the old place.

Having Less Means Learning To Need Less

We tend to think we need more belongings than we really do, to live comfortably. TV shows, commercials and even our friends are constantly showing us new things we can’t live without. Taking the time to


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6 Responses to 10 Financial Reasons You Should Declutter Your House

  1. Excellent advice. Organization saves so much time and truly makes chores and other things much easier.

    Do the same with your wallets and purses, you’ll be amazed how respecting your money by having it organized will attract more money.

  2. Great article. Decluttering helps with contentment; contentment helps your budget. I will be sharing this article with my readers. -Bryan

  3. Gail says:

    One other thing that removing clutter can help with savings, is it is less dangerous to live in a decluttered home. The older you get, the more fragile bones are and the potential for falls which could lead to long expensive hospitalization is significant. Get rid of anything that can cause you to trip and fall. Even if you have insurance to cover medical expenses of a fall, it doesn’t cover the pain and suffering or the possiblity for some older folks to completely lose their home to have to live in a nursing home. Nor does it cover the cost to your relatives as they have to shuttle back and forth visiting you and/or caring for you and your needs after a fall. Get rid of slippery throw rugs and boxes of junk that are in the way or your walking.

  4. Melanie says:

    I’ve always said “Disorganization is the mother of waste.”

  5. Cristin Frank says:

    Clutter can also cause a lot of anxiety and for someone prone to clutter, anxiety can breed more clutter. Break the cycle!

    This is a great article. Thank you!

  6. Pat says:

    This article resonates so much with me. I suffered from the clutter bug as I was doing some study and couldn’t (wouldn’t?) clean. Recently I wanted some wood glue to repair a chair. I knew I had some but couldn’t find it. I went out and purchased a huge bottle. I cleaned afterwards and found two bottles of wood glue in the clutter! I could have saved myself two bottles of wood glue if my home was uncluttered! Lesson learned!!!!

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