10 Ways To Save Money On Childcare


Whether you’re a single parent or one of two that work to make ends meet, child care can take a big bite out of your paycheck. Study results vary widely, but in the US, it’s not unusual for wage earners to spend 10% to 25% of their income on childcare. Many working moms reported spending 50% or more! For many couples, these costs can mean facing agonizing decisions about career or job choices. Many, however, may be unknowingly spending more than they should. This article will offer several ideas for lowering the cost of caring for your children while you work.

Count on the Relatives

This may seem too obvious to include, much less list it as my number one choice. Actually, thoug


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  1. anb says:

    An au pair is often not enough, unfortunately. But it’s the perfect solution for someone working part-time or working from home, as the au pair can do some of the necessary work, preferably under a parent’s supervision, and the parent has time to do their job. Finding that responsible young adult might not be very easy though…

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