Inexpensive Ways to Monitor Your Health at Home

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While you should always schedule regular checkups and screenings with a real doctor, there are many ways you can keep an eye on your health in between checkups. This is important because many conditions are fully treatable if caught early. Early detection means easier treatment and less money spent. If you find yourself without insurance temporarily and can’t afford to see a doctor, checking your own health is even more important. Keeping tabs on your health doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, many of the things you can do are free.

Get A Scale

Keeping an eye on your weight is important, both for those trying to lose weight and for those trying to maintain it. Regularly weig


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One Response to Inexpensive Ways to Monitor Your Health at Home

  1. Gail says:

    If you take abundant medications especially for blood pressure problems, it is good to keep a notebook with morning and evening blood pressures to take to the doctor with you. Over the years my BP journal has progressed to helping me keep track of a weekly injection, and every three day patch change, writing notes about health problems at the time or extra stress so you can see if it corresponds with increase BP or whatever. If you do have trouble with your bowels due to medication usage, you can also note when you ‘go’ as well. It is a snapshot that can help you and your doctor know what changes need to be made in medications and healthcare regime.

    By the way keeping track of your weight can also help you see if you are going into congestive heart failure. If your weight is shooting up for no reason, your ankles are swollen, your BP is up, you are having trouble breathing and are short of breath call your doctor at once. It is a medical emergency! A large weight gain of 5-10# over 2-3 days is one of the warning signs in conjunction with the rest. Just a tidbit of information from my days as an RN.

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