10 Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Person Should Know

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Managing your money is hard and the current times make it more so. The fact is, though, it’s never been more important to get a handle on your personal finances than in today’s economy. Regardless of whether you’re a wage earner or one of the growing number of self-employed individuals, knowing where you stand financially is critical to ensure your success and perhaps even your survival in this tough economic climate. Here’s a list of important financial lessons, offered in the hope that readers won’t have to learn them the hard way.

Start and Maintain a Budget

As difficult as it may be to believe, not creating a budget is still the most common mistake people


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5 Responses to 10 Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Person Should Know

  1. Good post. If you follow the lessons, life rewards you. If you ignore the lessons, you get feedback – a life of financial struggle and hardly enough

  2. Wiggons says:

    Very helpful.

  3. I agree with all of these, and in particular, the income tax and retirement one. So many people put off retirement savings and by the time they start they’re way behind. The income tax one I think isn’t advice you hear as often, but I remember the eye-opening experience when I prepared my first one at 16. It was very insightful and it makes you think differently about your finances the rest of the year. I remember how much of a pain it was to find old details so now I keep them better (still not perfect at all!).

  4. kane steele says:

    i think that these things most people use but it helps alot of people.

  5. Margaret L says:

    I agree with these… It’s the comments I detest… Some of us have had unfortunate things happen that have wiped out our life savings… People are so judgmental these days. They never seem to think that someone may have done everything right and still have misfortune… So I would say, lighten up…

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