Adjusting to a Cash Only Lifestyle

cash only

Many people these days are switching to cash as their primary form of payment. Whether it’s because they’ve sworn off credit cards or had those cards shut down, many people are learning to adjust to life without plastic. More and more people are beginning to do without debit cards, too. Thanks to new fees imposed by the banks and the growing risk of “skimming” and debit card fraud, debit cards are not the simple, easy payment method they once were.

Living without credit cards, or any plastic at all, has its drawbacks, though. Many places only accept credit cards for payment. If you can get such a place to accept a debit card or cash, prepare to endure a lot of hassle


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3 Responses to Adjusting to a Cash Only Lifestyle

  1. Jan O says:

    When I came out of me divorce, I was in a very tricky situation-having had everything in my husbands name, I had no cards, and no credit history. It is a tough and slow way to re-build your life, but I can say that in some respects, far more life lessons and valuable insight were gained. Certain areas are actually beneficial to deal in cash. One such example is prepaid cellphones. I had preconceived ideas about prepaid that proved to be rather outdated. Tracfone’s StraightTalk ended up being far cheaper, for far more minutes and data. It actually saved me money. One also thinks 2ce before impulsive shopping, due to the inconvenience of cash only purchasing. Your suggestion to keep a card frozed in ice, is actually a very valuable idea.

  2. Greg says:

    As usual, the media fogets to mention to positive aspects of a cash only life. ALL of the issues mentioned in this article are brown out of proportion! I have been cash only and bank free since 1981 and life is great! I own everything and owe no one. I don’t have a credit history and have NEVER applied for or used a credit card of any type. I also refuse to sign contracts with arbitration among other catch words. I also have ZERO problem walking away from a business that requires ID or other personal info for service and yes, I do own a home, two cars, 26′ sailboat, two trucks and a large pool. Don’t believe the BS about credit or the need to bank. You can save and pay. If you don’t take control of your life, you will always be a slave.

  3. MJ says:

    Greg, how have you been able to do all of that? What line of work are you in? That’s absolutely amazing that you could have all of that with straight cash and no credit. What’s your secret?

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